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Lockdown Browser Troubleshooting

What browser should I use to click the "begin lockdown" button?

Preferably Chrome, but Edge or Firefox are worth a try if Chrome doesn't work.

I am getting an error about Screencastify.

You are not allowed to use extensions that have screen-recording capabilities.

As such, you'd need to remove Screencastify or other screen-recording software. For this particular software, follow the official guide on how to remove it.

If the error persists after removal you might have to remove certain files manually. Refer to this article by the university of Maine for more information. 

Lockdown browser wants to make changes to my computer. Would I have to allow it?

Yes. In order for the Lockdown browser to ensure that you, as the test-taker, are not cheating, it would need to make temporary changes to your computer, such as:

Can I use multiple monitors?

Yes, but only 1 will be usable.

I'm done with the test, but I can't exit with multiple monitors.

Disconnect extra or external monitors so that you'd only have 1 left. You should then be able to see the X.

The Lockdown browser is marked as malicious.

Make sure your Antivirus is not blocking it. If it is, you'd need to whitelist the lockdown browser. If the issue doesn't go away, you might need to disable it.


Can I use my phone as a camera with a 3rd party app?

No. It has to be either an external webcam or one that is integrated into your laptop.

Can I take the test on an iPhone, iPad, Chromebook, Android, Linux, etc?

No. The test can only be taken on a device with Windows 10/11 or macOS 10.13 to 14.0+. These may change in the future.

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